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August 21, 2020

Important Information You Need to Know

Due to increasing fraud the credit union has put some new rules in place when using your Visa debit card

Some purchases, such as at a pharmacy, may require when using the Visa debit card that the transaction be used as a debit. This means that you will be required to use your PIN (personal identification number).

In the state of Florida, Texas and California you will be required to use your Visa card as a debit PIN transaction.

Debit cards will not work outside of the United States.

Internet/Email Fraud Alert

Recently, there have been multiple e-mail fraud attempts, known as “Phishing”, that were initiated via e-mail sent to both the general public and to some credit union members that appeared to be from NCUA. This false e-mail asked for the recipient to click on a link to verify their credit union account registration. If the recipient proceeded to do so, the link directed them to a false website and asked for their credit union account number and PIN, along with other personal information.

Neither the Lauderdale County Teachers Credit Union, NCUA, VISA, nor anyone affiliated with Lauderdale County Teachers Credit Union will ask credit union members for such personal information. Anyone who receives an e-mail that purports to be from NCUA, Lauderdale County Teachers Credit Union, or VISA and asks for account information should consider it to be a fraudulent attempt to obtain their personal account data for an illegal purpose and should not follow the instructions in the e-mail.

If you responded to such an e-mail and provided any confidential account information, please notify Lauderdale County Teachers Credit Union immediately at 256-766-2936.

Fraud Phone Alert

Never give personal account information to anyone over the phone! No financial institution would request detailed information from you over the phone.

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